Trump TORCHES G7 Sacred Cows – What He Told Them Will Make You Shout, ‘AMERICA!’

Written by K. Walker on May 27, 2017

President Trump sticks to his ‘America First’ policy in the face of leftist globalists and we LOVE it!

The talk that made the ‘progressives’ so uncomfortable was President Trump’s sensible stance on both ‘migrant’ and ‘climate change’ policies.

Despite intense international pressure, President Trump isn’t making decisions on whether the US will remain in the Paris Climate Agreement until after the G7 summit.

The leaders attempted to convince Trump for three days – first in Brussels at meetings of NATO and the European Union, then in Sicily for G7, but the former reality television host will leave Italy without making clear where he stands.

Under the G7 agreement, the Trump administration will be given more time to consider whether it will remain committed to the 2015 Paris deal to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.

Backing out of the climate accord had been a central plank of Trump’s campaign and aides have been exploring whether they can adjust the framework of the deal even if they do not opt out entirely.

In our not-so-humble opinion, Climate Change Agreements by the G7 look a bit like this:

Self-flagellation by the major advanced economies to stall their growth and punish their own success in the name of ‘climate change’.

Despite all the claims, there is not consensus among scientists on anthropogenic climate change.

Calling scientists that question the science names like ‘climate deniers’ is itself denying science.

The entire premise of science is to put forward a hypothesis, gather the evidence and come to a conclusion. But to continue to investigate and question.

The evidence for anthropogenic climate change isn’t clear — and has been manipulated.

Maybe we should label them ‘science deniers’.

President Trump was against the Paris Climate deal because it would hurt the economy by introducing regulations and increased taxation.

Take a look north of the border and you’ll see once-vibrant economies of Ontario and Alberta grinding to a halt because of their ‘Carbon Taxes’ and Environmental regulations. The leftists up there are thrilled because it’s one more nail in the coffin of capitalism and freedom.

Progressives don’t give a damn about how these policies actually affect Americans.

Price of gas, food, and everything else goes up because of penalties for using fossil fuels?

Meh. It’s America! People can afford it, they’re rich in America!

And that’s why we needed Donald J. Trump to bring some sense to this nonsense — to remember the forgotten Americans that have lost their jobs because of regulations.

And next up, ‘refugees’.

However Trump on was said to be reluctant to compromise with European leaders over several key issues that prompted European council president, Donald Tusk, to admit that the meeting would be the most challenging in years on Friday.

A draft statement from the summit, seen by the Guardian, showed Trump wanted world leaders to make little mention of migration and that he wanted a plan by the Italian hosts for a comprehensive five-page statement that acknowledges migrants’ rights to be thrown out.
Read more: Daily Mail

President Trump wants the ability to ‘kick the bums out’. That just makes sense. If they come in saying they want a new life and yet want to import Sharia and engage in extremist activities like supporting terror… yeah, we should be able to send ’em packing.

That must’ve been shocking to all the Obama-zombie Leftists of the G7 — like Angela Merkel that has been destroying her country with a massive influx of ‘refugees’.

What I wouldn’t give to see their faces! It must’ve been priceless!

Normally, these G7 summits are nothing but a bunch of self-congratulatory photo-ops.

But with President Trump — they’re actually discussing policy and the accepted Leftist dogma is being questioned.

It’s about bloody time!

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