WATCH: Out Of Control SUV Smashes Into Teen – WICKED Video!

Published on May 17, 2017

This. Is. Terrifying.

We’ve all heard the jokes about ‘if you don’t like my driving, then stay off the sidewalks’.

But the reason we laugh — is because they are jokes.

Nobody is REALLY in harm’s way when they are on the freaking sidewalk. Right?



This kid barely escaped with his life when an SUV came careening down the road, obviously out of control.

Fortunately, he got away with barely a scratch.

Johnny Walsh, 14, was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk in Pasco County, Florida when a gold Ford Expedition struck him after swerving through a nearby yard and bouncing off a parked car.
Walsh is alive and was well enough to point out his injuries from the ordeal, as reported by ABC’s WFTS.

Walsh reacted quickly to being struck by the vehicle, which may have saved his life.
‘It hit the bike, and then I pushed off. Then I hit the floor and I rolled,’ he said.
‘And then the tire was right in front of me. So I had to hurry up and get out of the way.’
Walsh suffered a few injuries, but luckily nothing that seemed too severe. — DailyMail

A quick-thinking motorist drove after the hit-and-run driver to snag his license plate number.

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