WATCH: These Manchester United Fans Have A Message For ISIS — And You Will LOVE It!

Perfectly said by the rowdy Manchester United fans. To the bro that started this: Well done! Now, somebody get him another beer.

In the wake of the Manchester terror attack at the end of an Ariana Grande concert, the fans of the Manchester United football team (that’s soccer to us Yanks,) had a message for ISIS.

Ah, the Brits.

Don’t you just love them when they do stuff like this: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

These men are certainly more ballsy than Obama who wouldn’t say ‘Islamic Terror’ and constantly said that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’.

Maybe he misspoke and meant that Islam is a religion of ‘pieces’ as in — when radical jihadists kablooey themselves that’s all that’s left.

I for one am sick of Islamists using religion as an excuse to carry out their evil murderous urges.

Those Manchester United fans had the best answer to that: Humiliation.

Just like when President Trump called terrorists ‘evil losers’ and told peace-loving Muslims to ‘drive out’ extremists.

That Manchester United song might actually be my favorite video of all time.

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