WATCH: Serial Rapist CURSES Judge After Being Sentenced To 55+ Years

Published on May 28, 2017

After reviewing his case, Judge says “I don’t think the guidelines mete out enough punishment for him.”

“F*** You, your Honor.”

What, you weren’t expecting class from a punk like this, were you?

The prosecutor asked the judge to exceed the sentencing guidelines. She played an audio recording of an interview with police in which Smith allegedly told authorities he’d been in at least 50 homes.

Another recording of a telephone call with his mother from jail was played for the judge where they described a defense strategy to blame Smith’s behavior on drug use.

“Smith is a predator,” the judge said. “He is a danger to the community. He is a danger to women.”

Smith’s sentences will run concurrent. He will spend the next 55 to 80 years in prison.

Before leaving the court room, Smith cursed at the judge.

One of his victims in her impact statement hoped he would live in fear of the same thing happening to him every night of his life — being violently awakened from sleep and assaulted.

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