WATCH: Thug Pulls Rifle On Cop Who Stopped To Help Him – That Was A BAD Move

Published on May 18, 2017

Crazy how fast that happened. How would YOU have reacted?

This — right here — is the other side of the story when a cop makes the wrong call in a conflict situation. It is the reason we can’t afford to immediately pile on to a cop who shoots the wrong threat.

Because for every ‘innocent’ interaction, there’s a guy like this looking to get the drop on the good guy.

Looking at our footage: It seems like a pretty routine stop at first, right?

The cop walks up to the passenger window. Looks inside. Makes his way toward the squad car, and then…

(graphic footage warning)

When the thug comes around the corner looking to bludgeon the police officer with the rifle?

He didn’t have much time to react. But he did.

The next time you see someone running their mouths about how cops are trigger-happy monsters? Throw this in their face, and ask them how they would react.

If there’s a cop in your life, take a moment and show your appreciation.

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