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WTF? Brits Used To ARREST Irishmen On Suspicion – But NOW Muslims Are Free To Enter & Kill

Time for a History lesson, kiddies.

Courtesy of our friend, Micheal Walsh‘s highly entertaining and informative Twitter feed:

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Did you know that the Brits during the Irish Republican Army bombings in the 1970s, were arresting suspected IRA members and detaining them without a trial?

Of course, this was way back in the olden days when British police were armed.

The controversial move was reconsidered in 1988 under the leadership of the great ‘Iron Lady’ Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

From the New York Times, August 22, 1988:

The British Government began a wide-ranging review of its security arrangements in Northern Ireland today after eight British soldiers were killed in an Irish Republican Army attack.

The I.R.A. bomb attack Saturday on an unmarked army bus near a British barracks in Omagh, 55 miles west of Belfast, has touched off a spirited debate in Britain over whether the Government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher should move to round up the guerrilla leaders and intern them without trial, a drastic step the Prime Minister has so far resisted.

And why would anyone consider such drastic action?

Well, precedent.

Mr. King [Secretary for Northern Ireland] said Saturday that the possibility of reintroducing internment of suspected terrorists without trial, a policy used in Northern Ireland from 1971 to 1975, was ”under review.”

Some politicians, led by pro-British Protestant representatives in the province, are now urging a selective return to internment.

The Sunday Times of London said in an editorial today that ”if the introduction of selective detention, preferably by London and Dublin, is deemed right on security grounds, political considerations should not stand in its way.

Contrast to Salman Abedi, the Manchester ‘evil loser‘ that brought a suitcase nail bomb to the Ariana Grande concert.

Here’s what we know about Abedi:

– He was born in the UK to Libyan parents that were refugees fleeing the Gadaffi regime

– he used to be a pot-smoking, heavy drinking teen with gang affiliation

– a few years ago, he dropped his sinful ways and became more ‘religious’

– he had a black Islamic flag with Arabic writing on his home for a while

– his family moved back to Libya four years ago, but he and his brother, Ismael stayed in the UK

– the brothers made frequent visits to Libya

– Salman Abedi had just returned from Libya (where it’s suspected he had training in terror) a few days before the attack

And this:

This guy with links to a known ISIS recruiter makes trips back and forth to Libya, and that’s cool?

The authorities don’t look into this a little more closely?

So, about that preemptive detaining of suspected terrorists…

Do you think that’s a policy that the Brits need to look at as an option again?

Let us know in the comments.

Doesn’t President Trump’s temporary Travel Ban look like a good idea now?

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