VIRAL: Manchester’s A HOT BED Of Terrorism – ‘Politicians Have SOLD Us Out!’

This Bro, Tommy Robinson, drops one helluva truth bomb. And he’s ABSOLUTELY right.

Tommy Robinson has been the ‘boots on the ground’ in the war against the evil ideology of Islamism.

He’s taken heat for his bold stance against the ‘Islamization’ of Europe.

Robinson has been (disgustingly) accused of using terror attacks for his own benefit.

He’s been arrested for reporting on a Muslim pedophile ring.

This guy is on the front lines.

He’s been jailed.

And he still won’t shut up.

Because he knows it’s the repulsive ideology of ‘Islamism’ that needs to be wiped out.

He’s actually bold enough to tell the truth about these ‘evil losers’.

And all the Leftists hate what he has to say.

Watch the VIRAL video that shows how the politicians have sold us out:

Now watch Tommy Robinson on InfoWars:

What do YOU think of what Tommy Robinson had to say?

Is he right or ridiculous?

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