WTF? Eel Removed From Dude’s Stomach – Guess HOW It Got There!

Published on May 8, 2017

That is one MASSIVE eel! Whatever made them think THAT was a good idea?

Let it never be said that Americans have cornered the market on weirdness.

Because this PARTICULAR strain of insanity was imported from halfway around the world.

First, take look at the massive eel that was retrieved from this poor guy’s stomach.

Without that context, you can’t quite grasp the horror of the back story. It’s a story of the cure being worse than the symptoms.

For reasons that we at ClashDaily couldn’t even BEGIN to imagine, the guy in the video had a novel way to solve a common ailment.

The dude was constipated. So, naturally, he introduced a massive eel into his lower intestine.

Good LAWD, how constipated do you have to be to think THAT is a good idea?

Was he hoping it would just ‘break things up’ for him?

Dude, try some prune juice next time.

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