Women Denies German ‘Migrant’ Sex – What He Did To Her Sure Wasn’t ‘Peaceful’

Published on May 8, 2017

Some guys just don’t know how to treat a lady.

If you’re not going to be the stand-up guy and put a ring on her finger, at least be man enough to walk away if she shuts down your ‘advances’.

No. This guy isn’t from a Western nation. He is not encumbered with any ideas about women being his equal. He figured she was somehow obligated to ‘give it up’ when he demanded sex.

Naturally — like any self-respecting woman — she refused the drunken lout. He threatened to stab her in the belly with a broken bottle.

Dawit A., 34, allegedly drank beer and vodka at a refugee centre in Bensheim before threatening a woman identified only as Tirhas, 26, with a broken bottle. (Source)

(Shockingly, his ‘foreplay’ was not well-received.)

So, what did he do? He scooped her up in his arms, and dropped out a second-story window, leaving her there to die.

She plunged nearly 15ft, breaking both legs and spent 16 days in hospital. She added: ‘He not only broke both my legs, but also my spirit.’
Dawit A. cried in the dock, claimed he was sitting in prison on remand for ‘no reason’ and that life had been unfair to him ever since he arrived in Germany in 2014.
But the court heard that is he also being investigated for harassing another woman and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl.
Dawit is facing up to five years behind bars for grievous bodily harm, threats, coercion, sexual coercion and deprivation of liberty if found guilty.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4476882/German-asylum-seeker-attacked-woman-sex.html

So, to recap … a 34 year old migrant who’s been in Germany for three years, and got drunk nearly killed a woman because she wasn’t willing to be his sex slave.

How many times does this story have to play out before (a) we recognize it as a cultural trend and (b) we recognize that inviting large numbers of such unmarried men is putting our mothers, wives and daughters in harm’s way?

If their homeland is so horrible, how about they take their raging testosterone and focus it on killing the various warlords reducing their homelands to rubble?

Instead of sitting around in migrant camps, getting loaded and forcing their disreputable selves on unsuspecting young ladies.

Share if the safety of a nation’s women and girls is far more important than giving a free ride to able-bodied men.