36yr. Old Man Identifies As 6yr. Old – Wins T-Ball Game With EPIC Home Run!

Written by Wes Walker on June 10, 2017

Go ahead, Liberals. Try and tell him he can’t do that. We’ll make you explain why not.

This man is a one-man wrecking crew. Or kid. Or something.

AUBURN, CA—Local 36-year-old man Nate Ripley, who identifies as a six-year-old, “absolutely crushed” a game-winning homer at a local tee-ball game and won the championship for his team Monday evening, reports confirmed.

The article goes on to explain how the boy crushed every team record, had a perfect batting average, and ‘crushed it’ at every position.

(It’s a great page. Satire, of course. It’s the same website that jokingly announced CNN would be launching a spin-off REAL news site. The one that hit Bernie Sanders’ anti-Christian rhetoric with Bernie Sanders Proposes Bill Forcing Christians Holding Public Office To Wear Scarlet Cross)

But like REAL humor (are you paying attention, Kathy Griffin?) there’s a kernel of truth in the satire.

We’re surrounded by people who DEMAND the right to identify as whatever they want and expect us to nod in agreement, however ridiculous it may seem to the rest of us.

It’s OUR turn to ask the liberals:

Can a grown man pretend to be a six-year-old boy? Be careful how you answer.

We have had a male woman of the year.

We’ve had a woman identify as a cat. No, really. There’s a video:

And who can forget the 52-year-old father of seven who decided he was actually a 6-year-old girl?

Even the Olympics are changing their rules and dudes who went through male puberty are suddenly treated as women. They can compete with women. And they tend to shatter women’s records. ‘Shocking’, we know.

We see headlines like this: Transgender weightlifter breaks record in women’s competition

And in some cases, it’s their faces, not records that get shattered. “Transgender ‘female’ MMA fighter gives female opponent concussion, broken eye socket

Becuase the dirty little secret is that men’s’ Olympic records are objectively Better, Higher, and Faster than their female counterparts in events that measure strength and speed.

The whole POINT of offering a separate event for women was to acknowledge physical differences between men and women, and give them a space where we could watch elite female athletes compete.

The are only two sensible options.

The first is to agree with this Psychiatrist who called BS on the whole Transgenderism trend.

The other is to go all-in and stop having ANY gender-binary events. Don’t have races for the fastest man AND the fastest woman alive. Just the fastest PERSON.

(Because who can really say who is what gender anymore, if it’s fluid or a social construct. What’s the point when even male Olympian Bruce Jenner isn’t even ‘Bruce’ anymore?)


Just have your marathon, decathlon, weightlifting, judo, shot put, swimming, Ice Hockey, Cycling, boxing and all the other events compete with absolutely NO ‘arbitrary’ distinctions of gender among the competitors. And may the best man win.

Whoops. Did that trigger someone? Because THAT is your trade-off, right there.

We will no longer have the opportunity to see the best, fastest, most skilled elite female athletes competing in their respective events. Because more often than not, they are running in the shadow of a man with the physical advantage of having more Testosterone.

Don’t yell at me about it. Look at the stats.

Are Feminists so committed to their new wave of intersectional feminism that they’re willing to let 36-year-old men beat their kindergarten kids at T-ball?

Or watch men beat their daughters in the Olympics? You can’t have it both ways.

Who knew satire could be so instructive?

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