BALLSY: Controversial Cartoonists BLAST Islam AGAIN – They Also Take A Shot At …

Written by K. Walker on June 8, 2017

Whoa! These guys have got giant brass ones! Talk about irreverent…

Controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo isn’t afraid of attacking Islam.

Repeatedly mocking Mohammed in their magazine had put them in the crosshairs of terrorists.

In 2015, the world took notice of the French magazine when al-Qaeda terrorists killed 12 people over the published cartoons.

Like this one where Mohammed is overwhelmed by the love of Islamic fundamentalists:

Or this one that reads ‘100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter’ and retitles the magazine ‘Sharia Hebdo’ with Mohammed as ‘Guest Editor’:

And especially this one that portrayed Mohammed as gay:

Did that mean that they’d back down?


And this time, Islam isn’t their only target.

It’s also the Brits.

Today is the UK Election day.

Here is the new magazine cover depicting a decapitated Theresa May and the headline reads, ‘English Multiculturalism’:

A decapitated Theresa May features on the front cover of controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo on the day Britain votes for its next Prime Minister.

The satirical weekly also features cartoons of terrified Brits fleeing a terror attack near Big Ben, alongside the caption: ‘Slimming tips from ISIS – run fast.’

Another cartoon, seemingly an homage to its notorious cover of the Prophet Mohammed, shows a British man saying: ‘At least one never caricatured the prophet.’

In January 2015, two al-Qaeda terrorists forced their way into Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office and gunned down 12 people over the magazine’s depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

Its latest controversial edition comes after an attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in which 22 were killed – and another on London Bridge where eight died this weekend.
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Check out the other images:

Charlie Hebdo isn’t backing down on their critique of ISIS and the stupid multi-culti governments that have allowed radical Islam to flourish in their own Western democracies.


That’s ballsy.

Je suis Charlie‘?

I strive to be.

Speaking of badass…

Check out the Warriors & Wildmen podcast:

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