BOOM! Ballsy Journalist SHUTS DOWN Trump Assassination Play

Published on June 17, 2017

It isn’t often you see anyone on the RIGHT protesting something.

But when they do, they make it count!

It’s been a big week. We have the ‘Shakespear at the Park’ reenactment of Julius Caesar that was news because it had an obvious double of the President and First Lady in the performance.

Days later there was an assassination attempt on Republican Congressmen. The killer was working from a list. The names we have heard so far were not only ‘Republicans’ but ‘House Freedom Caucus’ Republicans.

When others were saying we needed to dial back the rhetoric, the actors did not share that view. “The Show must go on.”

Except that it didn’t. At least, not without interruption. And a voice of conscience.

One Conservative in attendence (who is connected to Canadian Conservative media outlet ‘Rebel Media‘) took a stand.

The responses were predictably partisan.

Left wing rags who take no issue at all when partisans –sometimes violent — march in and shout down a speaker because he or she might ‘microaggress’ against someone. They even claim a ‘moral’ victory when they conservatives are prevented from speaking at all.

Here is how the New York Post presented the issue.

A woman was arrested after rushing the stage at the controversial production of ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park Friday night during a stunt live streamed on social media.

…Laura Loomer, who works for the alt-right website The Rebel, ran onto the stage during the performance and was promptly dragged away and booed by the crowd.
As she interrupted the play, fellow blogger and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec filmed the disturbance while screaming “Goebbels would be proud” at the audience.

Police said the woman was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Alt-Right. Sure … characterize them as ‘extreme’. But all your favorite activist lefties are mainstream. Ok, then. At least we know what your words mean. And for the most part, do THEY get charged with trespassing?

In Bernie’s case, they even got to take over his podium!

‘The pair seems to have misread the 400-year-old play.’

“As an accomplice videotaped from the audience, a lone protester charged the stage of the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park Friday night just after a Donald Trump lookalike portraying Julius Caesar had been assassinated.”

The Guardian: “rightwingers interrupt”

“Accomplice. Lone protester. Rightwinger. Blogger. Conspiracy theorist.”

No such negative adjectives are trotted out when it’s a LEFTIST cause.

That’s called ‘shaping the narrative’. The word choice is explicitly trying to frame the participants in an editorial light. Some ‘worthy’ causes get positive adjectives.

Stories they are Unsympathetic toward will get the scornful ones.

That’s what passes for ‘journalism’ today.

Meanwhile … none of them are talking about whether having someone who INTENTIONALLY looks JUST LIKE TRUMP being mock-assassinated every day is still a good idea, days after an assassination attempt by a Radicalized Liberal with a Kill List of Republicans in his pocket.

This is not some generic President. The guy on stage is unmistakeably Trump.

Not as a question of free speech — they are technically free to do so — but in sound judgment and good taste.

Whatever happened to those words of the Doctor that treated Reagan after he was shot? ‘Today, we are ALL Republicans’.


But these same rags will let out a CHEER over the courage some protesters will show when an MD is invited to discuss any studies contesting the latest Trans claims, sure enough.

Becuase they believe in an unlimited right to protest … so long as you protest for THEIR causes.

Anything else just isn’t newsworthy, except to condemn it.

Share if these protester’s questions are worth asking.