BRASS ONES: Sick Of ISIS, Brit Puts Bounty On OWN Head … DARES Them To Collect

Published on June 5, 2017

This is either completely insane or just about the best story ever.

‘I’m not worried about looking silly, nor am I worried about #ISIS… Come on lads, have a crack’

Right when we’re about to stick a fork in Europe and say that it’s done, we come across a story like this. It’s enough to make you hope that maybe — just maybe — the Island that gave us Winston Churchill and William Wallace hasn’t quite thrown in the towel yet.

And he’s in the media, no less!

The op-ed he wrote is making a splash!

Today I Offered the Islamic State £50,000 to Kill Me
The cowards don’t have the guts to take on a middle-aged fat guy
(Full article here)

Today I offered the Islamic State £50k of my own money to kill me. I became the first person to put a bounty on their own head and ask a Jihadi to discharge the grim duty—but I am not mad, nor do I believe I will die anytime soon.

Why is Andre Walker so confident? Because ISIAS ‘fighters’ are —
simply put — cowards. Thumb-sucking, bed-wetting losers.

They kill women and children. They drive trucks, strap up with bombs.

They are the kind of half-assed cowards that someone like Saladin would have rejected as unfit for his army.

Walker writes:

Last night I did not cower at home; I went out with my friends in London. Tomorrow, when you go out, think to yourself that the ‘terrorists’ were so terrifying they wouldn’t even take on a middle-aged fat guy with a sword.

I have nothing but contempt for people who think blowing up children makes them hard. Or that stabbing people in the street is bravery. It really is not.

Light a candle and cry if that makes you happy, but what makes me happy is the sure knowledge that every single one of these terrorists is weak and spineless. They’re not going to kill me, and they’ll never claim the £50k.

History is filled with examples of one man’s (or woman’s) courage inspiring a nation to follow suit. Perhaps THIS is the nudge the UK needs not to live in fear, either of the terrorists themselves, or the label ‘bigot’.

The next question this should cause them to ask is this: if a sword is good, isn’t a gun better?

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