SHAMEFUL: Hours After LONDON Attack, Hollywood ‘Celebrity’ Blames THIS Group

Published on June 5, 2017

And the left complains about TRUMP’S tweets? This is Weapons-Grade stupid. Look what this vulture tweeted while the bodies in London were still warm.

Everything is about the Left’s precious culture war, isn’t it, you old harpy?

While loved ones were still waiting for that ‘it’s me, I’m safe’ phone call, Midler went for the throat.

And it seems Maxine Waters even doubled down on THAT stupidity, but the original tweet could not be found.

Suppose both tweets are valid. (Bette’s is for sure.) Let’s critique them both at face value.

Maxine blames Trump’s climate policy and health care.

First, people in Europe or anywhere else don’t give a sweet damn what Americans do about Health Care or any other domestic policy. She’s FAR more wound up about these things than they are. Should we be worried that she will go on a killing spree? Should the FBI be concerned?

Look again at the facts. Is it NORMAL for someone motived by anger, resent and grievance to be ‘giddy’ with ‘excitement’? Because ‘giddy’ and ‘excited’ is EXACTLY how witnesses described at least one of the Jihadis.

We know it’s a lot to ask, Maxine, but don’t be stupid.

Back to the ‘men and religion’ tweet.

There are SO many things wrong with this.

Here’s a good place to start…

OOPS! Seven women arrested, and five men! There goes your narrative.

But seriously… which religion do you mean?

Pacifists like the Quakers and Jainists?

Hindus? Buddhists? Sikhs? Zoroastrians? Bh’ai? American Indians? Shinto? Catholics? Wiccans?

There is a really long list. Frankly, more people belong to a religion of some sort than don’t.

You’re bold enough to say that religion is connected to this mess in some way, but too afraid of being called a ‘bigot’ to admit which one.

If we called all actors murderous thugs just because Lincoln was murdered in a theater, that would be a nonsense argument. (Although to see some of their twitter feeds, lately, Trump may want to think twice about catching a play.)

These murders have a common theme. You are JUST bold enough to recongize it. And Just too frightened to be honest about it, so you blame shift, and hide your words in generic hate toward religion generally.

That’s the coward’s way out, Bette. And cowardice like yours is EXACTLY why Trump won. America got sick of it. It’s time for an honest conversation about what works and doesn’t in America.

Chew on that awhile, you desiccated windbag.

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