BREAKING: New Footage Of London Jihadis Attacking Brits… Until Cops Take Them Out

Published on June 7, 2017

Tommy Robinson is a SERIOUS thorn in the side of the PC crowd, doing REAL reporting. Look at the footage he dug up of the (latest) London Attack.

Call it ‘closure’ for the good guys. CC footage of the police stepping up and ending the threat.

Tommy found the footage of when the (armed) police arrived on scene. They made short work of the bad guys.

Can you imagine how many more innocents might have been saved if ALL British cops carried guns?

Facebook has since censored the original video that was posted by Tommy Robinson.

The threat is real, ladies and gentlemen. Will we rise up and face it, or will we be like THIS guy?

“Peace in our time!” (Look it up if you don’t know the reference. His pacifist attitude cost MILLIONS of lives.)

Still on the fence? Not sure whether this situation needs ‘more love’ or ‘peace through superior firepower’? Give this a listen. It’ll clear right up.

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