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BREAKING: Rock & Roller Courtney Love BLASTS Sharia Loving Lisa Sarsour

Is Love still a ‘strong independent woman’ if she breaks ranks with official Feminism?

The grunge rocker and actress has always been pretty badass. But she’s taken her badassery to the Twitter page of none other than Sharia-loving Nasty Women’s March ‘leader’ Linda Sarsour.

Love called Muslim activist and ‘Feminist’ Sarsour a ‘fraud’ and a ‘vile disgrace to women and all mankind’.

Insults were flying and retweets of supporters…

It. Got. Ugly.

Aaaand here comes the racism claim:

But it was Courtney that had the slamdunk:


Sarsour has defended Saudi Arabia’s oppression of women because they get 10 weeks paid maternity leave.

Sure, they can’t drive cars, have a bank account, make their own medical decisions, or even stand in line with men, but paid maternity leave… #priorities.

She also said that she didn’t think Brigitte Gabriel or Ayaan Hirsi Ali ‘deserved to be women’ and wished she could ‘take their vaginas away’.

For not promoting hijab-wearing, honor killing, Female Genital Mutilation, and Sharia, I guess.

Oh, and she’s suggested that children in ‘Palestine’ throwing rocks at Israelis is ‘courage’.


Linda Sarsour must’ve forgotten that this post was pinned to her wall:

What a hypocritical idiot.

It’s a great thing that Love has called out Sarsour for her anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism.

Of course, Sarsour would attack right back the only way Leftists do… with shrieks of racism.

But if Courtney keeps pushing, maybe Linda will let her guard down.

Pro-Sharia Muslims don’t believe in equality, freedom, or Western values.

Here, Linda.

Here’s a gif for your next tweet to Courtney:

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