CATFIGHT: Bruce Jenner Goes TransPostal On Katy Perry Over … TRUMP?!?

Published on June 12, 2017

Do Liberals have NOTHING else to talk about at their dinner parties besides how much they loathe Trump? How shallow.

Katy Perry invited eight other people for a four-day ‘party’ streamed over Netflix. Who showed up? Besides Katy and Jenner, there “were activist Van Jones, liberal commentator Sally Kohn, comedian Margaret Cho, DJ Yung Skeeter, Republican political commentator Ana Navarro, fashion editor Derek Blasberg and TruTV host Amanda Seales, as well as a contest winner named Laura.”

Of that crowd, Jenner was the only one supporting Trump. And, naturally, was heckled for it.

Defending her politics, she told the group that she grew up in an America where the government was not as involved in people’s day-to-day lives.
Cait, 67, was then confronted by party guests about the privilege that she had to be a millionaire and grow up as a white man in America before her transition in 2015.
When told that African Americans have faced government interference for decades, including interracial marriage being illegal, Caitlyn appeared to role her eyes and back down from conversing more.

When someone at the table mentioned that she had gone quiet, Caitlyn said ‘I don’t wanna talk anymore!’
They continued to discuss politics but Jenner was able to win the table back by saying that she is trying to do her part. — Read more here.)

The other ‘Republican Commentator’ has had tweets like this. So she’s hardly a Trump fan.

Basically, it was an 8-on-1 dogpile. For four days.

Being nagged about for four days by self-righteous blowhards about holding socially heretical views. Becuase the Left doesn’t believe in free thought, they believe they have a right to dictate which thoughts, ideas, and values are the righteous ones that the plebes are permitted to hold.

And then the Left dares to mock religious people for … holding to a certain set of values, thoughts, and ideas … that they PERSONALLY believe to be righteous ones.

If they spent less time accusing everyone else of being fascists and looked at themselves, maybe they’d be able to spot their problem.

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