CLASH POLL: Are These ‘Russian Trials’ LEGIT Or Complete Liberal BS?

Published on June 13, 2017

Now Sessions gets his turn in the spotlight. And he’s making HIS feelings about the process UNMISTAKABLY clear.

Sessions was not about to let himself be bullied. And it took no time at all to figure that out.

Jeff Sessions went to war with Democratic senators Tuesday as he offered angry and forthright testimony that claims of Russian collusion were ‘a lie’ – and that President Trump was right to fire James Comey because he ‘usurped’ prosecutors when he cleared Hillary Clinton.
In two hours of at times testy evidence and often fiercely partisan questions, Sessions launched attack after attack on Democrats, and stood by his position that he could not recall a third, undeclared meeting with Russia’s ambassador during the election campaign.

…He emphatically denied any ‘collusion’ with Russia, and said that in ‘retrospect’ Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation was worse than he thought when he was a Trump advisor battling Hillary Clinton.

…’It’s longstanding policy the Department of justice not to comment on conversations that the attorney general has had with the president of the United States for confidential reasons that really are founded in the coequal branch powers in the Constitution of the United States,’ Sessions said.
‘I’m not able to discuss with you or confirm or deny the nature of private conversations that I may have had with the president on this subject or others,’ Sessions said at one point during his prolonged grilling Tuesday. –Read More

What do you think about today’s hearings?

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