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News Clash

CNN’s Retracted Story A ‘Massive F-Up’, People ‘Will Be Disciplined’ — Management

The Credibility hit CNN has been taking on their Russia stories must be hurting their bottom line, because Management is PISSED.

The question is, are they more worried about ratings or lawsuits?

The most delicious part of this little story is that CNN’s dirty laundry was leaked … by Buzzfeed. The same Buzzfeed whose discredited Russian Hookers story was run by CNN.

First off, CNN DID retract a story.

CNN Retracts Report Tying Trump Aide to Moscow Fund

The original report contended that the Senate was investigating the activities of a $10 billion Russian investment fund in connection to Scaramucci,

Stettler tweeted the same thing but somehow managed not to mention it on his show.

But now reports are surfacing that CNN’s sole source for the hit piece seems to have been a staffer for Warren who was apparently “egged on” by staff for Harris. Harris is a freshman Democrat Senator who has aligned herself with the Warren-led “resist” movement, using congressional hearings to increase her profile nationally by arguing with Trump administration officials. While Warren’s team is not responding, Harris’s office denies the reports.

Remember how enraged Lemon got when guests said CNN was fake news?

Or how CNN so often cuts out when the term fake news gets used?

BuzzFeed also obtained a copy of an email that indicated CNN reporters were no longer allowed to publish stories regarding Russia without getting approval first.
CNN’s latest retraction comes just weeks after the network had to backtrack on an inaccurate report about James Comey.
They had claimed, via anonymous sources, that the former FBI director planned to dispute Trump’s claims that he told the president he was not under investigation. -Read More

Deleting stories without explanation is considered a serious lapse of journalistic ethics. Other outlets, including BuzzFeed, have faced considerable criticism and embarrassment for deleting content. And while CNN deleted its story, a cached version was still available online because nothing ever truly disappears on the internet. -Buzzfeed

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