Comedian Bill Burr Intelligently Shuts Down Anti-Trump Feminist (VIDEO)

Published on June 30, 2017

Bill Burr takes the gloves off on a Feminist. Right in the middle of it, that ‘sexist not to vote for Hillary’ line got slapped into next week. Glorious.

Bill Burr takes the gloves off. He hates BOTH Trump AND Hillary.

Everything they say they hate about Fox? They are, in mirror image.

Why do Liberals hate ‘fly-over country’ and everyone who voted for Trump? He covers that.

He set a trap, and the feminist walked RIGHT into it.

Then they made the mistake of bringing Michelle Obama into the conversation, and things went South from there.


We can use a whole generation of people unafraid to look the Feminist activists in the eye and call Bulls**t! Just like Bill Burr did.

But we don’t have nearly enough willing to do so. We need to help push that needle. Get this book into the hands of someone who needs it.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
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