DANG! Rapper & Comedian UNLEASH Brutal Rant Against BLACK Men – Are They ‘RACISTS?’

Published on June 11, 2017

As we approach Father’s Day, it’s time to have that awkward conversation again.

It’s the conversation Liberals try to keep distracting us from. The one about why boys aren’t really growing up to be men.

And as a black guy, he’s got a license to say things that a lot of white dudes wouldn’t get away with saying; including the role their parents are playing in having ‘men’ grow up soft.

The rant in the clip picks up on something said by Ice-T.

It’s a touchy subject, considering the rise in the ‘trans’ population. But this isn’t even about gay or straight. It’s about whether men are growing up to be butter-soft girly-men.

Touchy as it might be, maybe there’s a reasonable explanation for why men are as soft as they are.

Robert Perkins has a theory. It’s one a lot guys aren’t even ballsy enough to suggest. Is he right or ridiculous?

Fair warning. There’s profanity. If you can’t handle that, don’t click the link.


So, is he right about what young men today are missing out on? Or is he way off base?

If you liked his diagnosis, you’ll love Doug’s solution.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
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