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DEAR CNN: American Islamic HATE Preacher Is Being Investigated For London Attack – Is THAT ‘News?’

This guy is a preacher. In America. He beat his wife and may have radicalized a murderer. Is it ‘Islamophobic’ to discuss this?

Michigan cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril is at the center of an FBI investigation into whether his internet hate preaching helped spur the London Bridge terror attack.
The 46-year-old Islamic fundamentalist has gone into hiding after one of the killers was revealed to have followed his anti-west videos.
But agents have begun examining his messages to establish how much of a part they played in the knife and truck attack last weekend which claimed eight lives in London and he faces being arrested for promoting attacks if proved.

…His first wife, who we are not naming at her family’s request, walked out after growing quickly tired of his hate for America and non-Muslims.
A relative said: ‘She first liked him for being intelligent, but she soon realized she couldn’t live with this man. He was angry and filled with hate.
‘He wanted to control her and after he hit her she left him. Luckily they were only married through a Muslim marriage and not officially so it was easy for her to break it off.
‘She felt he was a bit crazy and did not agree with him calling non-Muslims “Kuffars”.
‘She is a Muslim. But she believes those people who killed in London kast week are not real Muslims. We mustn’t kill in the name of God. Islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion. These fanatics are evil.’

…Jibril has never been jailed for terrorism – but he is a conman who federal prosecutors put behind bars for a massive attempt to steal from taxpayers.
When he was sentenced, in Detroit in 2005, they revealed his astonishing terrorist sympathies, including how he tried to take credit for a 1995 al Qaeda bombing which killed four Americans.

The real irony of this story is the fact that Butt — one of the cowardly London loser-jihadis who attacked unarmed civilians with weapons — was in a program called ‘the Jihadis Next Door’.

It was aired on TV, but the murderer-in-waiting continued as a free man. There were no arrests or deportations as a result of that program.

Will we continue to make the same mistake here?

If it were a militarized NAZI group whose flag they were carrying, instead of an ISIS flag, would they be shielded?

Or is it time we step up and have hard conversations about what we WILL and WILL NOT tolerate among those who try to come to America, including pressing forward Sharia, which rejects and —
when numbers warrant — challenges the authority of the US Constitution.

These guys have already stared those conversations.

Share if it’s time we start talking about REAL hate speech — the kind that incites jihadis to take violent action.