DEAR CNN: In Light Of London Attack, Is Trump’s Travel Ban Still ‘IDIOTIC?’

Published on June 4, 2017

Yet ANOTHER terrorist attack derailed CNN’s kumbaya narrative.

Let’s compare the reactions of our ‘impartial media’ and our President.

President Trump, after the the (latest) London Bridge attack:

The reaction of CNN’s Reza Azlan:

Is THIS what drives the ‘most trusted name in news’? Twitter rightly ROASTED him for being more interested in slagging Trump than showing concern about the slaughter of innocents.

Let’s recap:

One paid CNN personality calls the President a piece of s–t. Another paid CNN personality (Kathy Griffin) beheads Trump in effigy. And while the news was unfolding, they didn’t simply that it had not yet been confirmed whether this was another terrorist incident. No, instead, CNN personalities tripped over themselves telling their audience that the London Bridge incident could have been the result of ‘a bad driver’.

This is what we get when the ‘media’ are more committed to an ideological viewpoint than they are to the actual EVENTS that happened.

Why do people cheer when Trump calls them out as ‘Fake News’? If you still haven’t figured it out, try re-read the paragraph about paid CNN personalities.

Their ‘secret’ is out. We KNOW you are partisan hacks. You’re not fooling anyone.

Here is the conversation we SHOULD be having about the problem of terrorism.

The problem of bias at the networks is going to continue until you can deal with the root cause. There is a timidity, a fear of speaking the truth, a fear of offending any ‘minority’ groups those hard truths may implicate.

They will continue to be hamstrung and unable to do their job until they ‘grow a pair’. Somebody needs to pass some of these books around to get the ball rolling.

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