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Dear Open Border Dipsticks: Tell Us Again How ‘Multi-Culturalism’ Is AWESOME!

The Liberal plan is not just stupid, it’s DEADLY.

We’re not here to say ‘I told you so.’ We’re here to say WILL YOU FACE FACTS ALREADY?

Remember Obama’s single tear, ‘if it saves one life’? Let’s use your OWN standard on the open borders issue. Maybe you’ll hear it then.

The ground hasn’t even settled over the graves of the little girls torn to shreds in Manchester after a bomber blew them to pieces, and we’re already reporting ANOTHER event in London.

What do the attacks have in common? Something-something Akbar.

It should go without saying that pointing that out is not ‘Islamophobia’. It’s determining a threat based on a common theme. It SHOULD, but in today’s environment, it doesn’t.

If there was a recurring theme of violence among, say, white men, or Christians, or domestic fascist groups (which the Left are desperate to pin such killing sprees on) it would be reasonable, not racist or ‘profiling’ to give such a group greater scrutiny.

Or if these attacks had some other common denominator, say heroin smuggling, or affiliation in a particular biker gang, it would be right and good to turn our attention THERE.

But none of these groups are the recurring theme in terrorist attacks.

The common thread was an ideology that has both religious AND political implications.

It’s time we stopped trying to make excuses for why ‘they aren’t as bad as they say’.

It’s time we face the fact that we need to make tough choices about who gets the PRIVILEGE of living among us in the great nation of America.

There are more than SEVEN BILLION people in the world. Most of them would LOVE the chance to live in such a wonderful, free and safe nation. But something like 95% of the world CANNOT live here.

It’s a Privilege, do you see? And it’s one that not everyone can enjoy.

So we should treat that privilege as something of value. Like only inviting people to live her who want to Enjoy the nation as they found it, rather than turn it into whatever craphole they wanted to leave in the first place.

We have a phenomenon of ‘Angel families‘ now, families with a loved one who would be alive if our border had been enforced in the first place. That is directly tied to politicizing the border.

We had a killing spree at Fort Hood dismissed as ‘workplace violence’ by a previous president who politicized the problem and was desperate NOT to implicate Islam. (Becuase, as we remember, he also told us ‘the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam’.)

Meanwhile, we have an actual COURAGEOUS Muslim, one who is calling for a REFORMATION among Muslims. This guy is much more honest about the problem.

If a MUSLIM man can risk life and limb, stand up and call this problem what it is, what’s stopping Leftists from doing the same?

That failure can best be explained by fear or blind politics.

So which is it?

While you ponder that, check out the conversation we SHOULD be having.

And if you still can’t say this problem needs to be dealt with? You Definitely need THIS book. And an intervention.

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