Dear Patriots: What Should Hillary’s Memoir Be Called?

Written by K. Walker on June 27, 2017

Hillary’s writing another book that won’t sell… What should she call this one?

Hillary Clinton divulged details about her third memoir, out this fall, and shared her post-election reading list to attendees at the American Library Association conference in Chicago on Tuesday.

‘It is the most personal book I’ve written,’ Clinton told the crowd of the yet-untitled book, which will chronicle the 2016 election and address ‘ongoing threats to our democracy.’

‘It will give readers an idea of what it’s really like to run for president. Especially if you’re a woman. There’s a lot to that – not just hair and makeup – but ultimately it’s about resilience, how to get back up after a loss. And I think that’s something we can all relate to,’ the former Democratic nominee said…

…’You know, books really do help us understand one another, help us consider perspectives we may not have thought about before, shatter stereotypes, spark important conversations about all kinds of issues and years of data suggest that reading fiction builds empathy, it helps us put ourselves in other’s shoes,’ she said.
Source: Daily Mail

Awww… what a lovely sentiment.

But Hillary’s last book didn’t do so well.

Does she think that this one will do any better?

This will be written by someone who lost the Presidency despite the New York Times giving her an 85% likelihood of winning.

This one is going to be sitting in warehouses.

Nobody wants to hear from a loser.

Hillary hasn’t titled her book yet.

The crack team of ClashDaily Editors has some suggestions:

1001 Reasons It’s Not My Fault That I Lost The Election

Celebrity Endorsements And The Fools That Trust Them

My Struggle (The German edition would be ‘Mein Kampf‘)

Resistance Is Futile

Where The Hell Is Wisconsin?

My Other Car Is An Ambulance

Deal Me Out

I Failed Electoral College

How To Lose A Rigged Election

Who Do You Have To Kill To Get Ahead Around Here?

The FBI, Deleted Emails, And The Patriarchy Cost Me The Election

Chardonnay And Long Walks In The Woods Still Don’t Make Me Feel Better

It’s All Putin’s Fault

The Life And Times Of A Poll Dancer

Hacking Cough, Hacking the Primary

Cheaters Never Win — I’m Living Proof

‘Madame’ Presidential Loss

She Persisted… And Still Lost

I Played The Woman Card, He Played The Tump Card

Close, But No Cigar

(Those last 4 are my favorites.)

You’ve seen our suggestions.

What are yours?

Let us know in the comments.

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