FAKE BUTT? People Say Her Curves Are FAKE – Doctor Performs ULTRASOUND To Verify (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 13, 2017

This Instagram star’s transformation pics of her butt have folks calling B.S. She gets an ultrasound on her derriere and it says that her butt is…

What do you think?

Can these transformation pics be for real?

After posting the pics on Instagram, Abby Pollock got a LOT of messages saying her transformation was a lie. She decided to go on the show ‘The Doctors‘ and have her butt tested — with an ultrasound — to determine if she had implants put in.

What do you think after looking at those dramatic pics?

Is this just another Kardashian implant job?

Or did she earn the curves?

Watch to find out:

Abby revealed a shocking secret. When she was in college, Abby was underweight. She ate only 900 to 1,000 calories a day. She ate too few calories and also struggled with bulimia.

When Abby got to her breaking point, she discovered an amazing community of weightlifters. It stunned her. Weightlifters didn’t want to be thin; they wanted to be fuller, thicker, heavier, and stronger.

Over the course of years, Abby, who was once underweight in her “before” photos, began to bulk up. Her large bum is a result of maintaining a healthy diet and some serious heavy lifting.

“I decided I was done playing victim, done breaking myself down,” Abby said. “I used to worry when I got above 125 pounds and really felt like I’d let myself go if I got over 135 pounds. But here I am, in my opinion, more athletic than ever, and I weigh over 150 lbs!”
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That’s fantastic, Abby!

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