HEY CNN: Little Boy In Aleppo Ambulance Used As Propaganda Prop … Says His DAD

Published on June 7, 2017

Syrian father claims “They wanted to trade in his blood and published his photos”

If he said this about Fox, this would be Front Page News.

The CNN headline said: Syria photographer takes action instead of pictures, picks up injured boy

But is there more to the story?

It was hard not to feel moved by a photo of a bloodied, dusty toddler sitting in an ambulance after his home was reduced to rubble in the Civil War.

The reports were laden with provocative language. ‘Stark Reminder’. ‘Haunting’. ‘Heartbreaking’.

For example:

The haunting, heartbreaking video of Omran, posted by the Aleppo Media Center, has been circulating on social media.
It shows a civil defense worker carrying the little boy to an ambulance. His cartoon character T-shirt is covered in dust, the left side of his face is bloody. He is silent despite the cacophony around him.
He was not crying at any point during the rescue.
“He was in extreme shock,” according to a spokesman for the Aleppo Media Center, an activist group.

Or this one about a ‘young journalist’:

“This child was firmly holding my hand and looking at me,” he said.
An image taken by another photographer, Muhammad Alrageb, shows Habak dashing towards an ambulance, the child and his camera in his arms.
Algareb said he also helped some of the injured but then began taking photos.
“I wanted to film everything to make sure there was accountability,” he said. Also, he added, “I feel proud that there was a young journalist there helping save lives.”

That story doesn’t fit with what the boy’s own father is saying:

Mohammed Daqneesh told a reporter from Iran’s Al-Alam TV that the Syrian opposition and international media had wanted to use Omran to attack President Bashar al-Assad.
“They wanted to trade in his blood and published his photos,” he added

Mr Daqneesh said he had been sitting with his then five-year-old son when their home was hit on 17 August and that he had not heard a plane overhead.
He added that Omran had suffered only minor injuries and that the blood on his son’s face had dripped on to him from one of his own wounds.

As he searched for his three other children among the rubble, “gunmen” took Omran to an ambulance in the street outside and started filming him, Mr Daqneesh said. They then took him to hospital despite there being no need, he added. —BBC

Was he a reporter, or a gunman? Was the treatment necessary, or a photo op? Who’s telling the truth here? Probably BOTH sides are being, let’s call it ‘selective‘ in the stories they are telling.

But the same CNN that trips over itself NOT to call attacks ‘Terrorism’ had NO trouble accepting at face value the reports given by people their own reports called ‘activists’.

Both are waging a propaganda war as much as they are waging a Civil war. They are intentionally trying to get world opinion to take ‘their’ side of the issue.

The ‘white helmets’ were called out for faking THIS stories, and forced to apologize.

Shouldn’t the international outlets with a physical presence in such warzones have been at least Skeptical of taking the story at face value?

Will CNN be running a correction? Probably not.

No WONDER Trump calls you ‘very fake news’!

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