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News Clash

If I Lived In Europe I’d Pack My Stuff And Try To MOVE To Texas.

Just how many of these ‘shocking and appalling’ reports are you willing to tolerate, Europe?

The ink hasn’t even tried on the ‘Manchester Strong’ bumblebee tattos, and we’re already moving on to the NEXT British terrorist attack.

Part of the problem is the open borders.

Part of the problem is that when ‘it’ hits the fan, nobody — not even the police — can shoot back.

Dozens were injured — and seven slain. Why? Because even the police were unarmed.

Think it would end differently in Texas?

While intending to take the conversation in a different direction, Trump did bring up the topic with this tweet:

Until the population has an opportunity to defend themselves with lethal force…

Until the government stops indiscriminately throwing open the doors to foreign young men of military age…

Until they are able to identify and excise the growing cancer of terrorism in their midst…

Those who are able should be looking for places that cancer is NOT growing.

Like Poland.

Or like Texas.

Where the citizens will shoot back.

ClashDaily’s Editor-In-Chief has a couple of things to say to Christians about terror attacks, so listen up:

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