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News Clash

LMAO: Watch Liberal Snowflakes MELT While Viewing Comey Hearing (Photographs)

It was like election night all over again.

It wasn’t even fair, really. They were set up right from the beginning, the poor dears.

First, there was the Fake Promise by the Fake news (CNN) that Comey was going to refute what Trump said about not being under investigation.

An earlier version of this story said that Comey would dispute Trump’s interpretation of their conversations. But based on his prepared remarks, Comey outlines three conversations with the President in which he told Trump he was not personally under investigation. — Read Corrected article

They were excited about that, blissfully unaware about how that ‘victory’ would sour on them.

There was also the promise of free shots for every Tweet Trump put out. So, they figured they could get loaded — for free — before lunch time. All while celebrating the downfall of the President they so desperately hate. #KeepItClassy.

But Trump — himself a teetotaler — had the last laugh. He didn’t tweet. Not once.

So the Socialist freeloaders who wanted to watch Trump crash and burn had to pay for their own drinks. How sad for them.

That’s ok. Hollywood came to the rescue, at least in one instance:

There was a definite shift in mood over the course of the hearings.

This is the lamest party Democrats have thrown since that one on November 8th.

Imagine the look on their faces when even CNN broke down and printed a piece that called the whole ordeal an ‘anti-Trump witch hunt’.

Read it and weep:

Comey’s testimony shows Russia controversy is an anti-Trump witch hunt

(It’s funny since CNN was at the forefront of it, what with their fake Russian dossier and all.)

The dejected leftists can cry about it, or they can take charge of their own lives, and stop living vicariously through big government.

Start that journey here:

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Share if their despair is *almost* worth the BS we’ve put up with since inauguration day.