LONDONISTAN: Elected Brits Are Now Calling To DUMP the Magna Carta!

Published on June 19, 2017

ISIS flags marching in the streets didn’t raise any alarms. But one white yahoo snaps and starts killing people and they call for–

Sad news from the nation that served as the cradle for some of the world’s most stable and successful free Western nations.

To Paraphrase Obama: If you LIKE your Maga Carta, you can KEEP your Magna Carta. Ditto the rule of law.

We have seen a video of Muslim elected officials using this attack to call for the establishment of Hate Speech legislation.


Are parliamentarians actually calling for changes to speech laws? Seriously?

An actual mayor was even quoted as saying:

“Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of dissent.”

And some of the bigoted media were quick to pile on.

Notice “Reuters” in the address.

Was she trying to be ‘ironic’? Or does she actually harbor this level of hatred for Christians?

How about we go back to condemning actual ACTS of violence — including large rape gangs — and prosecuting laws (not speech) as they are broken, whether they are broken by white dudes, black guys or olive-skinned ones?

Free speech IS the protection that lets people stand up and call out the evils of the world.

Without it, the people can have no voice against tyranny.

But then, a religion that means ‘submit’ has no use for strong voices against tyranny, does it?

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