LMAO: CNN’s Anti-Trump Poll Backfires … Badly!

Published on June 19, 2017

Wanna have some fun?

Oops! There goes the narrative!

CNN asked a question. They probably thought it was one of those ‘gimme’ questions.

One with an obvious outcome, like ‘do you like chocolate’ yes or no?

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They probably wish they hadn’t.

Should Trump be investigated for Obstruction of Justice?

Slam dunk for a CNN audience, right?

Wrong. With almost three million votes counted, the numbers aren’t looking very CNN-ish.

Here’s a screen shot of where it stands at the time we are reporting this:


Seventy percent are saying NO.

The poll isn’t scientific, you say…

Imagine that.

Let’s ask ClashNation the same question:

And NOW… have your say on CNN’s poll by clicking HERE.

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