London’s Mayor: Who’s Got It Right On Sadiq Khan … Trump Or de Blasio?

Published on June 5, 2017

Our President called the Mayor of London out… New York’s mayor took up for him. Who’s got it right?

Trump and Khan don’t think much of each other.

Khan wanted to ban Trump from London, and Trump is calling out Khan’s passive, defeatist attitude to Islamist attacks.

So, when London endured the SECOND attack in Trump’s short Presidency, Trump pointed out what Khan had said before.

Khan even wants Trump’s state visit cancelled over it.

The tweet most people are talking about…

Makes more sense in context of the ones before it…

On the other side is de Blasio…

De Blasio, a liberal Democrat friendly with Khan, described himself “astounded” that Trump would misconstrue the words of a leader of a major foreign city—one doing an “extraordinary job supporting his people in a time of pain and reminding people to be strong and resilient.”
“That’s what Mayor Khan was saying, you will see—look at his words,” de Blasio said. “You will see more police presence, don’t be alarmed by that, recognize that’s part of how we’re protecting you. He was saying exactly what a leader should say and to have the president of the United States attack him was absolutely unacceptable and not helping anyone be safer.”

Who’s got it right?

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