Did A Muslim Girl Die as a Result of ‘Culturally Diverse Road Rage’?

Written by Jeannie DeAngelis on June 21, 2017

In the Central American nation of El Salvador, there are more men than women. Yet in America, Salvadoran immigrant men outnumber Salvadoran immigrant women.

The problem is that the current influx of Salvadoran men poses a bit of a problem for America because, in El Salvador, 50% of the women have suffered violence at the hands of men, and femicide, the practice of killing women for being women, is on the rise.

Then again; for certain individuals, girls being genitally mutilated in the U.S. is but a small price to pay for the ability to buy tickets to see the New York Arabic Orchestra. For those who embrace multiculturism, Latin food trucks selling authentic steak quesadillas overshadow the threat of young girls being murdered by an MS-13 gang member toting a machete.

Governor Terry McAuliffe likely agrees that diversity is a priority. McAuliffe told Virginians, “we don’t have an issue in Virginia with illegal aliens.” Meanwhile, that’s the state where a 17-year-old Muslim girl named Nabra Hassanen had an unfortunate encounter with – you guessed it – an illegal alien.

Talk about two diametrically different cultures clashing in a state that supposedly has no problem with illegal aliens.

Dressed in a hijab, Nabra left an IHOP with friends who were walking and biking their way back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque in Sterling, Virginia. After eating “International” pancakes, Nabra and her friends had plans to pray all night for Ramadan. Unfortunately, en route, the group met up with a Central American Chico named Darwin A. Martinez-Torres.

Torres is a Salvadoran living unlawfully in the U.S. working construction. While out driving around without a Virginia state driver’s license, Torres ran into the Muslim teens headed back to the mosque. That’s when harsh words were exchanged, the machismo illegal became enraged, and drove his car over a curb, causing the boys and girls to disperse.

Darwin drove off but found the teens later on in parking lot where he decided it was a good idea to abduct 17-year-old Nabra.

Torres, who happened to have a metal baseball bat, drove away with Nabra in the vehicle, after which he decided to inflict blunt force trauma to the girl’s head and neck, which killed her. Then, after bludgeoning her to death, the illegal alien who Terry McAuliffe swore was not an “issue” drove the dead teen’s broken body to his apartment complex and dumped her in a man-made pond.

Later that night, after finding a corpse floating in the water, police spotted Torres driving erratically. Apparently, after disposing of Nabra, the intrepid Torres fearlessly went out driving again.

That’s when police pulled the Central American illegal over and arrested him.

Apparently, in El Salvador, for things like not letting a man and his vehicle pass on the street, it is not uncommon to abduct a woman, kill, and dump her. Now that America has welcomed some of these “newcomers” into our midst, it stands to reason that with them come dark cultural practices.

Filled with sympathy, after the murder, illegal immigrant enabler Terry McAuliffe said in a tweet, “Dorothy & I are heartbroken over this senseless act of violence. We are praying for Nabra’s family & ADAMS Community.”

Either way, police, and ICE were slow to confirm that Torres, “a resident of El Salvador,” was in the U.S. driving and working illegally. But, after Nabra’s body was fished out of a pond, ICE spokesperson Carissa Cutrell said that Darwin Martinez-Torres is, indeed, a “citizen and national of El Salvador.”

Torres was not removed by ICE prior to smashing in a young girl’s skull, but now that he has smashed in a skull, there is “probable cause to believe” ICE will remove him, which, unfortunately, is too late for Nabra.

Either way, Darwin lived and went school for a while in America, probably has free health care, a 4-year-old anchor baby, and a girlfriend. Moreover, because he’s never suffered any consequences for crossing the border illegally, Torres probably also thought he could perform a Muslim-style honor killing and get away with it.

Speaking of honor killing, because there was a hijab, a mosque, and Ramadan in the mix, many believed, including Nabra’s family, that the girl was killed as a result of an anti-Muslim hate crime.

Following the murder, authorities ruled out prejudice as the cause. Torres, who required a Spanish translator to assist him from his jail cell swore he did not kill the teen because she was Muslim. Instead, Darwin Martinez-Torres probably killed Nabra because, in his country, on occasion, men become angry and kill women.

Rodrigo Bustos, director of Plan El Salvador, says that in El Salvador “The roles assigned to women are very fixed: take care of the home and family, and be submissive to all men in all relationships. Violence occurs when women won’t submit to this.”

Muslims, illegals, hijabs and Spanish translators! In the end, we can probably chalk up the whole grisly event to an unfortunate clash of divergent cultures.

Nabra wasn’t submissive to Darwin. Nabra should never have blocked a Salvadoran man’s car. So, Darwin did what he might have gotten away with in El Salvador, he got out of the automobile, and in a “culturally diverse road rage” incident, proceeded to beat a Muslim girl to death.

Image: Screen Shot: http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20170620/7944663/Muslim-teen-dad-wants-to-know-why.htm

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