QUESTION: Should Democratic Socialists Be Labeled A Terrorist Group?

Published on June 14, 2017

Take a look at what is really driving some of these attacks; is it NOW time to ask this question?

Should Democratic Socialists Be Labeled A Terrorist Group?

Despite an ongoing campaign to blame conservatives and libertarians for violence, the facts don’t bear this out.

It’s Trump supporters now, and before that, the Tea Party was the bogeyman during the Obama years. But accusers couldn’t even back up the RACIST claims made against them, let alone violence.

Again and again, we hear about Trump violence claims … only to find out they were hoaxes. But we find REAL reports of thugs attacking Trump supporters. And they justify it because Trump supporters don’t deserve rights or respect. They’ve been accused of being Nazis, and are therefore ‘guilty’ and therefore have no rights.

We see groups like “By Any Means Necessary” that specifically advocates violence.

We see ‘Antifa’. And riots. And violence. And burning. And deliberate violation of individual rights.

Even the Hillary Campaign has some questions to answer about indirect SUPPORT of violent uprisings… including paying one person who started a riot. Here’s a compilation.

Again and again, we look into the social media accounts of a killer and find they fall somewhere on the Left.

If the Left thought they were justified in singling out the Tea Party with absolutely NO evidence.

Now that ACTUAL violence has been shown to have an underlying common ideological theme … what should we do about it?

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