DEAR CNN: Another Liberal is Responsible for a MASS Shooting — Is That News?

Published on June 14, 2017

It’s predictable, isn’t it?

By now there isn’t much doubt about what motivated the Alexandria shooter. But that won’t be what the news networks talk about.

Pro-Bernie and Anti-Trump content were splashed all over his social media account.

See: SHOOTER IDENTIFIED: James T. Hodgkinson – Alleged Bernie Fan And Trump HATER

His vocabulary echoed the same unfounded proclamations about Trump’s guilt that you’d see in a typical speech by Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Sanders, or Clinton.

The same claims of guilt, treason, and collusion that you’d see echoed in shrill voices on any average program on CNN or MSNBC.

Rappers, Twitter warriors, Hollywood personalities, ‘comics’, and even CNN contributors have been degrading Trump as worthless, a ‘POS’, and have been engaged in what has been characterized as ‘assassination porn’ with Trump as the subject.

This guy took this rhetoric one step further. He acted on the hatred that was so obviously socially acceptable.

He possessed a Liberal-specific hatred of Conservatives in power. He clearly selected defenseless Republican victims as his targets.

They would have no trouble connecting the dots concerning motive between a White man and black victims — whether or not that was the actual motive.

They had no problem blaming the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for Gabrielle Giffords.

But except where Republicans themselves are raising the connection — not much. (They had trouble with the motives for these, too.)

Will they ask about the symbolic significance of this deliberate attack on Republicans falling on Trump’s birthday?

Probably not.

Expect them to cover the event in the most generalized way possible… carefully avoiding breadcrumbs that might point toward their own role in ratcheting up the ‘hateful rhetoric’.

Expect the media to call ‘both sides’ to be more civil.

As though BOTH sides have been breaking windows and starting fires.

As though BOTH sides have been throwing the word ‘Nazi’ around, and excusing violent demonstrations.

No mention will be made of Rachel Maddow and Dan Rather casually using extreme phrases like Pearl Harbor. Or Chris Matthews’s use of ‘Hitlerian’.

Or the steady drip-drip-drip of accusations of Nazi, Fascist, Racist, and Misogynist you’ll hear stated as incontrovertible fact from almost every guest on CNN.

If they could claim one stray poster from Sarah Palin played a role in Gabby Giffords’ shooting… then what does that say about their endless, shrill proclamations that Trump is a monster?

Want to hear someone talk about the real issues, and not the same old witch hunt? You’re in luck…

Share if they need to realize that their 24/7 witch hunt has real consequences.