WHY THE SILENCE? Twelve Worst Mass Murders to Date for 2017 …

Written by Kenn Daily on June 1, 2017

Maybe you missed this news story:

An 8-month-old girl was allegedly murdered. Reports say the little girl’s parents entrusted little Reese Bowman to daycare workers in Baltimore. When Reese was found unresponsive, the daycare worker claimed innocence. A video recording disputes her claim.

From baltimoresun.com:

Footage uncovered the next day showed 23-year-old Leah Walden covering the baby with “excessive blankets,” which fully covered the child’s head, said Criminal Investigations Chief Stanley Brandford.

She was also seen “violently snatching the child out of the crib with one arm, swinging at the baby as if she was slapping her, and placing pillows over the baby’s face,” Brandford said.

“Watching that video is disturbing,” he said. “Reese Bowman, in my opinion, was tortured.”

Imagine that! The mainstream national media overlooked the alleged murder of a helpless infant; a crime described as “torture” by police.

The suspect in the crime is black. The victim is white. We wonder: Did the media intentionally hide a horrendous black-on-white crime? Would the media have done the same were the races reversed?

• Another black-on-white homicide occurred in New Jersey.

51-year-old Viktor Yashchyshyk died last week while walking his dog in the town of Old Bridge. He was beaten to death. Robbery was the apparent motive and the attack was unprovoked.

Arrested is 20-year-old Earl Allayne Jr.

According to mycentraljersey.com:

Allayne is charged with felony murder and robbery. It is believed that after randomly attacking the victim, the assailant attempted to kill the victim’s dog by swinging the dog around by the leash. The dog slid out of his collar and returned home without its owner.

The 51-year-old male victim, Viktor Yashchyshyk, was attacked on May 24 and was knocked unconscious, suffering a skull fracture, broken jaw and was missing some teeth.

A 911 call was received when another person walking a dog found the unconscious victim a block from his home. Yashchyshyk was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick in critical condition. He was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. May 26.

Again, the victim was white. The suspect is black.

The knock-out game, it seems, has not ended. What’s more, there is no end in sight.

• Also hidden by the media is the epidemic of brutal mass murders.

Three white people were murdered in their home in South Carolina last month. True to form, the massacre failed to draw nation media attention.

Reports say 46-year old Phillip Miller and 52-year-old Lori Miller were murdered at home during an apparent burglary. Also killed was the couple’s 13-year-old son, Vincent Miller. A 9-year-old girl was shot in the leg during the robbery and a 5-year-old was found unharmed by authorities.

Arrested for the crimes are two black teens. Kenneth Markeith Chisolm is accused of being the trigger man. La Shay Aiken apparently drove the getaway car.

Counton2.com reports, “Arrest records show Aiken is accused of driving Kenneth Chisolm away from the scene in her own car.”

Narrative-collapse.com, an alt-right leaning website that reports media bias, catalogued the 12 deadliest mass murders this year to date.

Eleven of the twelve suspects were non-white (or, as cultural Marxists prefer, “people of color”). And all but one were male.

The significance?

Few will level accusation of sexism when we note that all but one of the suspects were male. Many will complain of racism when we report that all but one of the suspects were “persons of color”.

Note the victims include blacks and Hispanics. Neither Black Lives Matter nor the NAACP seems concerned for their well-being.

Here are the top 12 massacres to date in 2017 in the United States, according to narrative-collapse.com:

May 27th, Lincoln County, MS. Willie Cory Godbolt, a black male, shot and killed eight people at three different locations. The victims include a white sheriff’s deputy, four black women, one adult black males, and two juvenile black males.

May 15th, Akron, OH. Stanley O. Ford, a 59-year-old black male, intentionally set a family home on fire. He killed a family of seven. The victims included a black male, a white female, and five Malate children.

January 6th, Fort Lauderdale, FL. A Latino (Puerto Rican), who claimed online to have converted to Islam, shot 11 people at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Five died. All of the victims shown in the news were white. Many of them elderly.

March 15th, Metairie, LA. Two black males and an elderly black female were shot in the head execution-style. One white male was stabbed in the head. An unidentified female was shot in the face, but survived. The killings took place in two different apartments in a Metairie apartment complex. Police arrested and charged a black male who is a local cocaine dealer.

March 23rd, Sacramento, CA. A Latino male killed two adults and two juveniles. The victims are Latino and members of the same family. The perpetrator is a 56-year-old El Salvadoran.

March 30th, Chicago, IL. A black male shot and killed four black males at Nadia’s Fish & Chicken. Two of the victims were brothers and killed right in front of their mother. Chicago police say it was a gang-related retaliation. The suspect’s father was murdered one day earlier.

February 21st, Toomsuba, MS. A black male shot and killed four members of a black family. One of the victims was only five.

February 9th, Jackson, MS. A group of black males shot and killed four other black males. Three died right away and a fourth died a few days later. The shooting took place inside an apartment. Police say it was a home invasion. The victims shot back and killed two of the attackers. A third perpetrator (pictured) is in custody.

February 6th, Yazoo City, MS. A black male shot and killed four other black males. The shooting took place outside of a nightclub.

March 22nd, Wausau, WI. A Hmong gunman killed four white victims. One of the victims is a police officer.

April 7th, Houston, TX. A black female shot four members of her own family. She eventually committed suicide. This might be the deadliest mass killing by a single offender female perpetrator since 2006.

January 3rd, Hubbard, OR. A white male is believed to have killed his wife and three kids. It is believed that he set his house on fire and shot himself afterward.


Image: Screen Grab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrDdKnwWaLc

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