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TransGender Sensitivity Training Is MANDATORY In The Army – Delta Force Bro Says, ‘WTF’

Is this Transgender Sensitivity Training really necessary in the Army? This bro says ‘No’, and here’s why…

The push to normalize Transgenderism has moved quickly. In some ‘progressive’ countries like Canada, a law has been passed that could criminalize improper pronoun use, and children (up to age 18) can be removed from homes if parents don’t respect their child’s ‘gender identity or expression’. It’s insanity.

And Lord help you if you want to discuss the issue, you’ll be labeled a bigot faster than you can say ‘Anorexics have body dysphoria, and that’s treated as a mental illness‘.

There’s just something weird that happens on the left when it comes to sex and gender — you can’t talk about sin, mental illness, or that maybe the ‘choice’ that a woman could make is abstinence rather than murder.

This ‘sensitivity training’ crap has seeped into our Military training.

But is that the right thing to do?

U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Ret.) and Delta Force Operator Dale Comstock has some thoughts on the new training:

This whole political-social experiment is not helping. The reality is, it’s in the Army, it’s in the Navy, it’s in the military. And unless Mattis and Trump rescind all these policies and stop this madness, it’s here to stay.

It affects morale and combat readiness on many levels. At the end of the day, war fighting is about one thing: Killing people. It’s about bringing home our guys alive. It’s not about being sensitive to a transgender. This isn’t corporate America, this is the military.

You can’t just put some policy in place because you want people to feel equal. Most guys who join the military, especially special operations forces, were the boys who had dirt clod fights on the playground, wrestled and fist fought, stole each other’s girlfriends, and pledged allegiance to the flag. And that same spirit and apex predator mindset goes with us into the military.

He then says that the 50-minute training time could be better used in warfare training. He recounts a couple of stories.

One is how, in Afghanistan, in the middle of a warzone, one guy hadn’t received his Equal Opportunity training, so they flew a chopper in to get him which potentially disclosed their location to the enemy and put everyone at risk.

Another is about a soldier, again in Afghanistan, that saw a female soldier was injured, so instead of winning the firefight, he went to help her and make sure she was ok. That was against military procedure, and he was shot in the head and died on the spot.

The third was about a story he heard about Special Forces training, and a couple of guys got the attention of the instructor. The pair were posting images kissing each other on Instagram and said that they were Transgender and were going to become Green Berets. Comstock said, ‘The head of the class was livid. He told the entire class to go home and get some rest and be ready for a long smoke session. A smoke session is like collective punishment. The takeaway from the smoke session was that these two a**holes were tarnishing the reputation of their unit.

He goes on:

You’re putting good young men in peril just because you want everyone in America to feel good. Being in the military isn’t about being equal or feeling good, it’s about being the best warfighter or helper to other warfighters, possible. Throwing more social experiments in the foray of it all will only cost more lives when these guys could and should be spending 50 minutes mastering the art of warfare instead.
Source: Independent Journal Review

What do you think?

Is this Retired Army Master Sergeant right or ridiculous?

Is it important that we make sure everyone feels good or that they’re prepared to win the firefight?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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