Trump Attacks Morning Joe And His Liberal Chick, Mika Somebody, In Hilarious Tweet

Published on June 29, 2017

Predictably, the media are ‘outraged’ by Trump’s latest ‘attack’.

No mention is made of the embarrassing rhetoric his critics churn out every morning.

Where did the ‘Morning Joe’ that did the Mea Culpa after the election go to? The guy that said this about the heavy Pro-Hillary bias, and the condemnation of all Trump voters as ‘bigots’.

‘If you really do believe that then you believe that 50 Million people in America are racists and bigots. And if you really DO believe that? Then I take pity on you. You still don’t understand what Michael Moore — yes, what Michael Moore understands. America is hurting. Economically, middle America is hurting.

That brief, glimmering moment where he was ready to report politics honestly. What happened to that? Oh. He got caught in the same trap as Rachel Maddow did with his taxes and CNN did with the Russia Story.

‘Morning Joe’ has raised the discourse by turning the ‘shrill’ up to eleven. If you’ve missed it, Hannity has put together some of their more embarrassing moments.

“Smuck… Thug… Goon… Unbalanced.”

“Like somebody pooping their pants…”

But let Trump hit them back, and people lose their minds! Here is what the President said about them on Twitter.

Hey Joe: If you are going to pick a fight, make sure you can win, first.

CNN money called it a ‘shocking assault’.

CNN made a formal statement:

The pearl-clutching provoked THIS response by Pastor and Warriors & Wildmen contributor Rich Witmer.

BULLYING? Get off it, America. This crybaby culture of, “I can talk as much crap as I want about you, but when you say something back, you are a bully” has GOT TO GO.
10 Reasons you shouldn’t talk crap about Trump:
1. He’ll ROAST YOU on Social Media.
2. He has WAY MORE money than you.
4. President of USA = Leader of the Free World.
5. President of USA = Most Powerful Man in the World.
6. Married to a Super Model.
7. His kids are AWESOME.
8. He’s tough as hell.
9. He puts up with NO B.S.
“A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.” Proverbs 18:6

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