Trump Hating Teacher Censors Kid’s Trump T-Shirt In Yearbook – Kid Gets LAST LAUGH!

Published on June 17, 2017

Funny things happen when draconian Liberals get exposed … they are shamed into apologizing.

The news cycle flies by at such a dizzying pace. Was it REALLY only six days ago that we ran the piece about Trump’s name and quotes being censored from a yearbook?


In that story, two students with Trump’s logo on their clothes were photoshopped to exclude Trump’s name. In one of those cases, the ‘corrected’ photo resulted in a photo of much poorer quality than the original.

They also cut out a Trump quote.

It was the ‘super-offensive’ phrase: ‘I like thinking big, if you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.’

Yeah. Real ‘offensive’ stuff.

Time has kept marching on for us, but the National Spotlight that was thrown onto that story has already gotten results. Check it out:

The superintendent, to her credit, took quick and decisive action.

The teacher involved has been named as technology teacher Susan Parsons who was also the yearbook adviser.
Parsons is a registered Democrat who voted in the November election.
On her yearbook class’ website within the district homepage, Parsons includes ‘photo editing’ as one of the ‘real world skills’ that students learn during yearbook production.
According to public records, she collected an $87,950 salary last year.

…She was told not to come back to work at Wall High School, a public high school in a pro-Trump county in New Jersey, until the matter had been investigated but has been suspended with pay.
‘I cannot allow the intentional change that was not based on dress code to be ignored,’ Dyer said in the letter. ‘I take responsibility for the actions of those who are employed here.’
The corrected yearbooks should be available in about two weeks.
Dyer said she will insist ‘checks and balances be implemented to ensure that intentional alterations that are not consistent with district policy do not continue.’ — Read More

With teachers like the one that got suspended, no WONDER our youth have such messed up political ideas.

It’s good to see that SOMEONE is safeguarding these kids’ free speech.

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