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Two Thugs Steal Dude’s Dirt Bike – But The Bike’s Owner Gets Arrested!

This story ended badly for all involved.

Two dumbass thugs got chased down on the dirtbike they had (allegedly) stolen. By their (apparent) owner.

It was the last wild ride of their lives. And now the bike’s owner is facing a prison sentence.

‘The driver of the minivan spotted his bike and he attempted to obtain the dirt bike,’ Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini told NBC.
The dirt bike was reported stolen in the Mastic Beach area around 7am, just three hours prior to the crash.
According to the Suffolk County Police Department, the crash occurred on Montauk Highway around 10.15am, causing a highway closure for several hours.

…Witnesses said the van slammed into the bike head-on, sending both men flying.
When police arrived on scene, they found the dirt bike partially placed into the rear of the van.

…Family members identified 19-year-old Keenen King as the victim who died immediately after the crash when the driver, identified as Christopher Bouchard, cut them off.
The other man, 20-year-old Anthony Garriques, was rushed to Stony Brook University Medical Center in critical condition, but his family confirmed on Facebook that he succumbed to his injuries Thursday evening. — Read More

The dude KILLED them over it? And then he was nonchalantly loading the bike into the minivan?

That’s cold.

He’ll have a long time to rethink his choices. He should get his hands on this, so he can make better ones when he sees the light of day again.

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