UNSUNG HEROES: Look Who’s Becoming 1st Responders In Our Opioid Plague

Published on June 23, 2017

Rest assured this did NOT show up in their job description. But they’re stepping up like CHAMPS to fill the gap.

If you wondered if that Opioid Crisis people have been talking about is as bad as they say, this should answer that question.

LIBRARIANS are now acting as first responders. Didn’t see THAT coming, did you?

Unless you’re in a neighborhood hit by the blight of addiction. In that case, you may have just nodded your head, with a grim, knowing smile.

In an article that begins with a gripping account of a librarian giving not one, but two overdose meds, and begins CPR to save a life, we learn about just how integral Librarians are becoming in our societal fight against addiction.

In at least three major cities — Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco — library employees now know, or are set to learn, how to use the drug naloxone, usually known by its brand name Narcan, to help reverse overdoses.
Their training tracks with the disastrous national rise in opioid use and an apparent uptick of overdoses in libraries, which often serve as daytime havens for homeless people and hubs of services in impoverished communities.
In the past two years, libraries in Denver, San Francisco, suburban Chicago and Reading, Pennsylvania have become the site of fatal overdoes.

…In recent months, so-called “drug tourists” — people who travel from as far as Detroit and Wisconsin seeking heroin — started showing up in Kensington, which boasts perhaps the purest heroin on the East Coast, library staff and authorities said.
Heroin users camped out in McPherson Square Park and shot up in the library’s bathroom, where nearly a half-dozen people overdosed over the past 18 months, said branch manager and children’s librarian Judith Moore.
The problem got so bad that the library was forced to close for three days last summer because needles clogged its sewer system, said Marion Parkinson, who oversees McPherson and other libraries in North Philadelphia. — Time

We need heroes like these, now more than ever. Click the podcast for a great show on growing up to be heroes… even if you were thought ‘unlikely’ candidates to be heroes at the outset.

And more than the hero stuff, we need those at risk of addiction to find real meaning and purpose to their lives. The kind of stuff they’re talking about below.

There really IS an option BESIDES giving up all hope and giving into addiction. Part of it comes from having meaning and purpose. If you’re having a tough time finding any of those in this messed up world, we’re not surprised… but there’s still hope.

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