Violence: Liberals Need It Because Their Ideas Don’t Work

Written by Rob Morse on June 23, 2017

A Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill Republican politicians. The murderer wanted to kill these politicians because their political beliefs differed from his. Before they retracted the statement in embarrassment, the New York Times editorial board blamed Governor Sarah Palin for the political violence. I believe the Times inadvertent confession. The Democrats mouthpiece, the New York Times, wants to blame Republicans. They want to incite violence. They need to.

How did the “free love” generation morph into the “kill everyone who disagrees with me” mob? How did “question authority” turn into “free speech is violence?” How did the “free speech” fundamentalists turn conservative speech into “violence” and socialist violence into “free speech”?

The “how” of the transformation is step-by-step. The “why” is explained by desperation. In short, they had to. Libertarians and small government conservatives remind the Democrats of their sins. Today, the list of Democrat sins is too large to hide and violence is their only answer. With one exception, the ten worse US cities in which to live are all governed by Democrats. They have been for years, in some cases, for decades. The most violent cities in the US are run by Democrats. Democrat ideas failed, and violence is their only answer.

Democrat policies failed. You can’t tax and regulate industry and still have jobs. Without jobs, welfare is not a substitute for work. Unemployed men don’t form married families, and single moms are not a substitute. Living in your mom’s basement is not a substitute for life. The Democrats reached for more control and larger government as their ideas crumbled. The party who can’t tell men from women claims to tell us what the weather will be in the next century.

Democrat policies failed while their personal fortunes bulged. According to Democrat politicians, the purpose of government is to generate campaign contributions. In that, they were wildly successful. While condemning Wall Street, Hillary Clinton raked in tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and speaking fees from financial institutions. She told us that big banks are evil…while her daughter, Chelsea, married an investment banker.

The Democrats turned to violence because they are out of ideas. You’re a racist, fascist, homophobic bigot if you don’t enthusiastically agree with the latest Democrat power grab…and “everyone” says it is allowable to punch a Nazi. Democrats are outraged that their religion of big-government failed. They turned their disappointment outward, and that is why it is now politically approved for Democrats to shoot Republicans. Except it isn’t. It never was.

Economist have modeled trades of all kinds. Perhaps the only way to improve the political discourse is to hang severed heads of Democrat Politicians and call it art. I really hope we don’t have to shoot back.

photo credit: Fibonacci Blue Trump supporter yells at anti-Trump protesters via photopin (license)

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