VIRAL VIDEO: If THIS Happened In YOUR Town Would You MOVE?

Published on June 9, 2017

Let’s see the ‘all cultures are equal folks’ answer this one.

There are two attitudes toward immigration.

One is that everyone can come here (lawfully or not) in numbers that don’t matter, and any expectation that newcomers should adapt to OUR language and culture is deemed insensitive.

And if large numbers of people congregate in one area, and create cultural ghettos that mirror their countries of origin, that’s actually something worth celebrating, because — really — what’s so special about America, anyway?

And when you see sudden dramatic changes in the culture — like entire neighborhoods where women are not permitted to walk freely without specific clothing and while escorted by a male relative — (As seen in this shocking undercover video taken by female journalists in FRANCE)

The other is that anyone is welcome to (legally) immigrate here from whatever craphole they’re hoping to leave behind and adopt the laws, languages, and culture of a country they, themselves, voted as being intrinsically superior to the one they left behind. How did they make that ‘vote’? They voted with their feet and left the old place behind.

The second group thinks that limited immigration — to allow for assimilation is important.

The FIRST group got their way in this video, filmed in the UK.

Who’s got the better plan?

Here’s what Doug and Rich think:

Share if bacon and bikinis are WAY better than burqas and Sharia.