Watch: Cops Pull Family Over For Driving Without Headlights During The Day – Is This Abuse?

Published on June 26, 2017

Crap like this makes all decent cops look bad. He threatened to involve CPS because they weren’t playing along with his stupid games. This cop was later reprimanded for being WAY out of line.

One of the excuses he gave was ‘not having lights on’ during the day.

And exactly WHAT part of the following sentence did the cop not ‘get’?


That phrase should have made this cop take a step back and think about what he was doing. But not this guy.

And why exactly did he call in K-9 for a ‘routine’ traffic stop? Especially when the guy he was bothering kept reminding him that “I have a two-week-old baby in the car.”

Dude asked the cop if the driver’s ID checked out, it did. So he asked the obvious next question:

The asininity peaks when officer Denny backtracks and tells the family that he originally pulled them over because their lights weren’t on, but it is clearly daylight outside.

Eventually, under duress and the threat of violence, the family is forced to exit the vehicle. Stockett was arrest for, wait for it….wait for it, obstruction of justice. These harassing tyrants have the audacity to claim that it was this family who was obstructing justice and not their jackbooted thuggery. Unbelievable.

No drugs were found.

The only thing absent from this video is the Sandusky police tasering and beating the family, however, the threat of stealing someone’s child stings way more than a baton every could.

Stockett, for good reason, says he plans to fight the charges of obstruction. Please share this article to let other police officers know that when they violate people’s rights they will be exposed. — Read more

The cop was suspended.

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