Watch: Road Rager Tries To Take Out Biker – Biker Gets Last Laugh

Published on June 23, 2017

This is why you should NEVER give in to the temptation to road rage.

Try explaining THIS to your insurance company.

(The bike drove away unscathed.)

We’re not excusing the guy on the bike for kicking the car. That was obviously wrong.

But if the driver’s reaction was as intentional as it looks on video? He damn near killed the dude on the bike. What follows is ALL on him.

The gasp in the dashcam video says it all.

The passenger who recorded the video – and did not wish to be identified – said the vehicles were moving at around 65mph when the crash occurred.
He told NBC Los Angeles he started filming after he saw a sedan in the carpool lane inadvertently cut off the motorbike, leading to an exchange of words.
The biker then swung around to the driver-side door of the car and gave it a hefty kick, which is where the video begins.
The sedan swerve left, smashing into the concrete divider in the center of the freeway before veering to the right and across two lanes of traffic.

…’Obviously it was a road rage incident. He was kicking the vehicle. We have to get a statement, see what’s going on,’ CHP officer Josh Greengard told NBC.
The man who shot the footage turned it in to police.
‘The old man who had nothing to do with it was the one that got hurt,’ he said. ‘Hopefully by doing this, it can help him out.’ –Read More

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