WATCH: What Saudi Soccer Team Did During Moment Of Silence For London Victims Tells You EVERYTHING

Published on June 8, 2017

Hey, Kaepernick! Good news — you’re not the biggest d-bag in sports anymore!

(Still a d-bag. Just not the biggest.)

This is what the ‘moment of silence’ in honor of victims of the London attack looked like.

Notice anything … strange about it?

One team is lined up in a neat row… the other one has taken the field. Their captain was even warming up. Because… who cares about some dead Anglos, right?

That’s right. There were Aussies, killed too.

Which team decided NOT to participate in the minute of silence? (In the video, you can actually hear something actually YELLED OUT during the moment of ‘silence’. It’ a indistinct, but there is something familiar about it…

The SAUDI team. Here’s a little more info:

People tried to take up for them playing the ‘different culture’ card.

One problem:

Saudis had no problem lining up for OTHER moments of silence. For lives they give a damn about.

Not just Saudis, either.

Oops. There goes the narrative.

Maybe Saudis just aren’t that into you.

Sick stuff, right? Rather than leave you on a sour note, here’s a blast of awesome. Enjoy!

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