WATCH: What Is Sharia Law? (This Documentary WON’T Be Seen On CNN!)

Published on June 1, 2017

Know someone who thinks that Islam’s ‘just another religion?’ Show them this.

Do you know about THESE aspects of the ‘religion of peace’?

Do you know why a Danish cartoon unleashed a wave of international violence?

Do you know what Sharia says about the legal status of women?
Or what the law says about when they can be lawfully killed?

What about their treatment of non-Muslims in Muslim-majority communities?

Or why it is so resistant to reforms? (Hint: ‘It is not for [a Muslim] to dispute what has been settled by Allah and his messenger.’)

When we discuss the establishment of Islam in America, it isn’t merely a religion that will work within our political structure. It is BOTH a religion and an established system of political laws.

That makes it not just a ‘religion’… but a political ‘-ism’ that will contend with our Constitution. Is THAT a big deal?

Share if it’s not ‘Islamophobia’ to ask whether their ideology is compatible with American values.