IT’S OFFICIAL: Hillary’s A BITTER Old Blameshifting Wretched Woman – Here’s Video PROOF!

Written by K. Walker on June 1, 2017

She will never accept that America WASN’T ‘With Her’.

In a speech given at Codecon, (it is unlcear if she was paid to speak,) Hillary gives her own theory on why she lost.

It’s not former FBI Director Jim Comey, the basket of ‘Deplorables’, the rigged Primary that alienated Bernie supporters, her crappy policy, her mishandling of classified information, her ‘vote-for-me-because-I’m-a-woman’ strategy, her failure to visit rustbelt states, or her general unpopularity among voters.


It was the ‘Russians’.

And fake news from Macedonia.

She also claims that the Russians weaponized their information in a way that could only have occured with American assistance (ie the Trump campaign).

Hillary Clinton launched an all-out assault on Donald Trump Wednesday, claiming he must have ‘guided’ Russian efforts to keep her out of the White House.

Openly saying that she believed he had ‘colluded’ with Russia, she made an astonishing series of claims about the presidential election, including claiming that the ‘vast majority’ of news about her on Facebook was ‘fake’.

She actually said that the Russians were aligned with the ‘vast Right wing conspiracy’.

The Russians.

Right wing.

Let that sink in.

That must be why Putin said that he likes Communist and Socialist ideas.

Because there is nothing new under the sun, and Hillary just recycles old crap ideas (you can add that to the list of ‘Actual Reasons Why She Didn’t Win’,) she brought out this old canard that she spewed when Bill was caught with his pants down.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

His pants were literally down, but the ‘catching’ was the figurative part.

(Thank God there weren’t tabloid photos of that.)

And she repurposed one of her most notorious claims, that in the 1990s she and Bill Clinton were the target of a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’, claiming that the media had ‘ignored’ her campaign’s warnings about it before the election.

‘It was a vast right-wing conspiracy,’ she said. ‘Now it is a vast Russian conspiracy – turns out we were right.’

She’s saying she was right about the conspiracy, and now about the ‘Russians’.

Typical Liberal can’t take responsibility for her own actions.

Watch the insanity where she is egged on by The Verge’s Walt Mossberg:

Oh, really?

The loser began by saying: ‘I take responsibility for every decision I made but that is not why I lost.’

Then Clinton spelled out a detailed theory that her campaign had been hit by the Russian hacking and that it used its agents to spread ‘fake news’.

But she added: ‘The Russians in my opinion – and based on intelligence and counterintelligence people I have spoken to – could not have known best how to weaponize that information unless they had been guided by a specific group of people. By Americans.’

So, she ‘takes responsibility for every decision she made’ but that’s not why she lost.

She’s living in an alternate reality.

It then moves from the surreal to the utterly bizarre.

Clinton claimed that Facebook had been used to spread ‘fake news’ about her and claimed that ‘the majority of news’ about her on it was ‘fake’.

It is unclear where her figure comes from. She claimed there were ‘1,000 Russian agents involved in delivering those messages’.

She also alleged that the fact that ‘Wikileaks – the Russians, it’s the same’ had published its hacked John Podesta emails within an hour of the notorious Access Hollywood tape in which Trump was recorded talking about grabbing women ‘by the p****”

They could not have made that decision themselves, she suggested.

She claimed ‘low information voters’ were persuaded by reading fake news on Facebook and said: ‘Some people were sucked in. Some people stayed home. Some people voted Trump.’
Read more: Daily Mail

‘Low information voters’ were persuaded by fake news from Macedonia.

She’s still insulting Americans!

It wasn’t enough to slam those that dared disagree with her ideas — half the country — as a ‘Basket of Deplorables’, now she’s calling those that would normally align with her too stupid to research the truth?

Patriots, aren’t you thrilled that this woman isn’t President?

Hillary, here at ClashDaily, we know exactly why you didn’t win.

We’ll just put it right here with a nice, friendly face you’ll appreciate:

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