WATCH: Wicked Myrtle Beach Gunfight Is Streamed LIVE On Facebook – Total Mayhem

A live-streamed Facebook video caught the moment when a man pulled out a gun and fired after being involved in a fight.

Bubba Hinson, of Bethune, South Carolina, was on a balcony at a nearby hotel and decided to film a crowd that had gathered below. Police had been called due to the large crowd blocking traffic.

It’s unlikely Bubba expected to see THIS.

Seven people have been injured following a horrifying overnight shootout in South Carolina that was caught on Facebook Live.

Myrtle Beach Police say the incident occurred Sunday around 12:30am near Ocean Boulevard, by the coast.

Authorities say that a fight broke out among a crowd of people after which the suspect pulled out a gun and began firing. Some people were hit, and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The video, so far, has more than 2.6million views and has been shared more than 70,000 times.
Source: Daily Mail

Lt. Joey Crosby, a police spokesman, said that an armed security officer witnessed the shooting and shot the suspect.

The suspect escaped the scene by carjacking a vehicle, but was later captured and is in custody.

The injuries are all non-life-threatening.



How quick will the Media (D) start talking ‘gun control’?

Do you think that was a legally purchased and licensed firearm?

Do you think this guy is going to do major time for shooting into a crowd and carjacking?

Share if you think that shooting in a crowd and running is the recipe for MAJOR jailtime

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