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News Clash

WHOA! Obama Would NEVER Say What Putin Said About ‘FREE SPEECH’

That awkward moment when the Democrats find themselves somewhere Left of Russia.

Waaaaay back in October 2016, Obama had some strong opinions about what he thought the internet SHOULD look like.

There should be some sort of ruling body that would fact-check stories.

Why is that a problem? Becuase the top dogs in the biggest tech companies happen to have STRONG political affiliations. For example:

Do you know the name ‘Eric Schmidt’? He’s working for the Hillary campaign. Why should you care?

He’s also the chief executive of ‘Alphabet’ … the parent company to Google. (Read More)

And there’s also that guy whose social media company made ‘friend’ into a verb. He’s not exactly centrist either.

Would you trust people with such STRONG political opinions to filter the news fairly?

If not, why not?

Obama, Hillary, and all the rest are demanding that somebody DO something to filter the news. To pick winners and losers on the Internet. To deem some stories ‘legitimate’ and others ‘fake’.

But these same people have said NOTHING about the incestuous relationships between the Press and the Political left.

Meanwhile, over in Russia we have a former member of the KGB. If anyone would be EXPECTED to celebrate Censorship and news that looks like Pravda, you’d expect it to be Putin.

But here’s his quote:

I think we should not control the Internet.— Vladimir Putin

Read it twice, if you have to. And then look back at what AMERICA’S President said last October.

We’ve officially gone through the looking glass, Alice.

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